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Authors list:

  • Fabrizio Leonelli

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Call me webmaster, blogger, developer, dreamer… I’m a student, I love technology, the great world of telecommunications and innovation. I really like writing articles, news, guides and overall I want to share my knowledge of IT. I consider myself a web developer, specialized in both front-end and back-end development. As you probably noticed reading my name, I’m Italian and I’m trying to expand my horizons going beyond language limitations. This is what I like, welcome on HDroid.

Roles – Admin, webmaster and primary blogger of the website.

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Contact Fabrizio: [email protected]

  • Lorenzo Leonelli

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I’m a new entry on HDroid but since I’m Fabrizio’s brother I know what it means to like tech. I studied electromechanics at school and I’m currently attending University while working as graphic designer for a company.

In my free time, I like building new things, ideating them on CAD software. There is no way to stop me and Fabrizio from getting excited writing news on this website. Stay tuned because interesting things are about to be announced.

Roles – Editor, writer. Definitely a tech enthusiast.

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Contact Lorenzo: [email protected]

  • Domenico Toscano

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Just like Fabrizio, I’m Italian and I’m trying to find my way through this website. HDroid was one of the interesting projects that helped me to understand what I like about technology.

I like graphics and I’m pretty good at using programs like Blender and others. Moreover, I’m good at rendering the place I design. But it’s not the only tech what shines in my life, I also love writing in more general contexts.

Roles – Author, writer. Blogger for the website.

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Contact Domenico: [email protected]

  • Giuseppe Vitiello

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My work at HDroid has begun a few years ago. I was the first to help out leofabri to make HDroid the hub for technology enthusiasts.

I’m studying IT at university and I really enjoy talking about tech stuff on this website. My presence is more effective at HDroid IT, though I’m helping also on the English version of the blog.


Roles – Editor, writer, author.

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Contact Giuseppe: [email protected]