Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 available for new Android phones

Only few days ago Qualcomm announced a new Soc, a slightly improved version of the previous snapdragon 820 able to increase performances of about 10%, but this improvement is not due to a...
finfet 7nm process

GlobalFoundries confirms mass production of 7nm FinFET CPUs by the end of 2017

FinFET process: GlobalFoundries has officialized that the evolution of computing processors is going to develop a new generation of CPUs able to reduce the power consumption and maximize the density of transistors...

How customize your linux desktop enviroment

Customizing XFCE is simple, linux is open to any customization.   With Linux based distros we have more than one Desktop Environment. XFCE is one of best DE of all times and you'll discover why. Different...