Samsung cares about nature and agriculture and we all know that this complex field is looking for alternative solutions to improve the production.

LED light is a relatively new technology, much more efficient than fluorescent tubes which manifest obvious problems when it comes to durability. LEDs on the other hand, are way more power-efficient, reliable and smaller. The perfect alternative to short words.

A new series of LEDs, optimized for faster growing

Samsung has been working in the field for a long time and are ready for some kind of improvements. The new agriculture led module –  the LH351B Red – is the best grow light of its kind. With an average wavelength of 660 nanometers (nm) and a photosynthetic photon flux of 2.15 moles per second the new light promise to grow plants faster, with an accelerated photosynthesis process.

This model isn’t only the perfect one in terms of performance, it also shows off some interesting stats regarding the power consumption. With only 315mA (per LED) and a low power resistance (2.0 kelvins per watt), this type of diodes will be the best choice for horticultural greenhouses.

Alternative solutions to keep costs under control

Samsung’s also announced a new pair of midrange LEDs: LM301B and LM561C that would be a valuable resource in terms of costs.

“These LED component families now include PPF values of 0.52μmol/s (65mA), 0.49μmol/s (65mA), 24μmol/s (0.45A, 21.9V) and 114μmol/s (1.38A, 46.9V), respectively.”

When it comes to closed spaces, where the air flow is limited, keeping under control temperatures is a crucial thing to do. This is the reason why Samsung has designed a type of light that minimizes the impact on ambient temperatures, allowing you to have control over the ecosystem.

These new LEDs are already available to the public, but they are only samples. We’ll have to wait some more months and hope Samsung to put them on the production line for massive distribution.

Source Samsung Newsroom

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Nice to try out. I heard the effectiveness of these grow lights. I gonna get some for my indoor garden.