The situation for Samsung is not the best after the big problem of explosions that still affect lots Samsung Galaxy Note 7‘s units.

The only thing that shocked users have been the cases occurred in the most various circumstances: cars that catch fire, exploding devices without being touched and so on…

Samsung seems to be able to solve the problem, at least internally, this means that after collecting all the dangerous Note 7s in circulation.

Samsung will re-launch the phablet on the market few days later on September 28.

Re-launch date: September 28

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still a good device

Other solutions (which we have talked a few days ago) have not yet been implemented on devices owned by users.
We believe that at this point the only definitive solution may be to replace all the defective devices and replace them with new Note 7s certified by the manufacturer.
This story is proving to be a real blow for Samsung, a company that has always accustomed to excellent devices and no one would ever expect such an important issue.

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