Sometimes our Smartphone’s battery seems to die suddently even if we charged it all night and when we disconnected the usb recharging cable the battery was at 100%.

This problem may sound strange for most of us but the concept behind this fact it’s very simple because there are only a few explanations.

This article will help you to fix this problem (we want to help you to fix that) but firstly you need to consider the following things:

  • How old is your smartphone?
  • Have you ever changed your battery?
  • When the problem happen, how does it happen, the battery goes from about 50% – 10% directly to 0%?
  • Or does your phone goes off even if you have some battery energy and when you try to reboot your phone you see that you have lost your battery (0%)?
  • Ok, now let’s try to explain the problem in a detailed description.

The battery is Broken


The most simple explanation is that your battery is broken and you have to replace it. If you have bought a new phone and you recharge it very often you’ll short your battery life and after some recharge cycle your battery will die inexorably.

You need to consider that if your phone has the Fast Charging mode enabled, your battery is recharged with an higher voltage and this mean that if you charge your battery faster you will kill it faster. So, when it’s not necessary turn off fast charging and recharge your battery with an appropriate home charger.

If you think that your battery is broken, please verify if:

  • The battery is not inflated (or if you have a unibody Smartphone, try checking if your phone is inflated)
  • Your phone is very hot when you charge it
  • When you have a low battery level try to check if the level reaches 0% before the phone goes off
  • When your battery level goes down your phone’s display starts flickering all the time

In this specific case you have to replace your dead battery, if you don’t know how to find it, try searching on some famous websites (Amazon, Google Shopping, Ebay… ) or eventually try to send your phone to your reapair centre.

If your battery is old you need to replace the old one with a new and powerful battery to solve your issue.


Your phone is the problem

Sometimes the phone could be the main reason for this type of issue because the battery may be ‘uncalibrated’ and you may issue that your battery percentage is incorrect and your phone reports a battery level that is not the real if compared to your battery life.

If this this is your case you have three options:

  • Trying to restore your phone in Settings > Backup and restore > Restore factory data
  • Trying to reinstall your Android firmware
  • Visit a certified repair centre and repair your phone

Have you found your problem? Need help?

Remember that:

If your phone is new and if it is unibody, your battery should be covered by two years of warranty (or if your Phone has a removable shell you have 6 months of warranty on your battery). This is because the companies know that if the phone can not be opened by the user, the battery can not be tampered.

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