Artificial Intelligence is the future. How much times we hear about discoveries which use AI (artificial intelligence) system to achieve something which can be difficult for a normal machine? The robot evolution is the witness that something is changing in the ordinary life, even if the development requires a high level of knowledges.

Every day in the asiatic countries many scientists work to develop enhanced versions of softwares which are able to deep learn what you have done and to predict your next move.

Qualcomm, leader of mobile technologies is announcing that the next generation of mobile processor (a next variant of the Snapdragon 820 chipset) will be able to do deep learnig processing all user movements and suggesting the better option to every choice available.

The name of this project is pretty futuristic, in fact it was called Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine. Now it’s obvious that the next step for Qualcomm is the AI.

All this developement is built under a strict and extensive network of SDK, part of Qualcomm’s Zeroth cognitive computing which is going to be available to all interested developers. This projects is not revolutionary but it will be the first to introduce a sort of neural engine inside our smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 and so on.

Qualcomm hasn’t currently confirmed if this SDK would be supported on the current Snapdragon 820 powered devices but since we are talking of an emerging idea the project is still too crude at the moment.


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