Graduation, things you should know about me

I’m finally back from a stressful period of exams (I took the high school graduation exam that here in Italy is also know as “esame di maturità”). I already imagine some of you thinking: “Honestly, I don’t care”. Well, spending a long time studying not only different subjects but English, made me think to change the way I want to manage this website.

I write about technology because that’s what I love, but sometimes I have to admit that I’d like to escape from the theme and just talk about something else.

Anyway, I know that what I told you doesn’t sound very professional and that I should be objective. Even though this is a technology website and you are totally right if you are thinking something like that, it’s also my blog.

When I first inaugurated the English version of HDroid I thought I had to work very hard to improve the way I write in this amazing language. I began writing news in English (after writing almost 1000 articles in Italian) and then I realized that the way to becoming more fluent in the language was (and is) still very long. I didn’t want to use the same words over and over again and trying new words was risky due to mistakes.

It’s been really hard to write what I’ve written till now, but I did it with the best intentions to improve me and make my efforts a sort of example to inspire persons who are trying to pursue the same dream: learn the language.

I’m still improving at writing, and now that my school life has come to an end, I think it’s time for me to work harder. A lot of things have changed over time and after spending some time comparing my old English level with the current one, well, I’m definitely better (not perfect).

I know this is like a long monologue and that I’m telling you things that may influence negatively the impression you have of me. You know, making noise on the web can be very easy or very difficult, in my case, I don’t really care. I’m not asking for sympathy or pity.

Why am I telling you all this? The reason is very simple: I think it’s necessary to show some humanity, even on something that “apparently” isn’t the right place. You have to know that the person who writes this words is real.

To sum up, I do believe that there are too many technology websites. Everyone is similar to the other, searching for a way to overcome the competition. What if this was a different one?

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