“Ok Google, find me an electrician” is only one of many requests that very soon you’ll be able to ask your personal assistant.

Like for Google home’s devices, the company has recently introduced a new way to work with vocal commands. The improved version of Assistant (only for home devices) is able to catch more than one command for a single request. So if you want to “Ok Google, Play music on Spotify and dim the lights” Google will do that for you.

New features for Google Assistant on you device

To further improve your experience you can also search for different services and obtain immediate support just by using your voice.

This feature is going to be unleashed on both Ios and Android devices with the next update of the application, and if you live in the US, you’ll simply have to wait.

Do you need to fix your car or you just need to order a cake? Assistant could help you to simplify your search.

In the U.S., this feature will start rolling out over the coming week, so help is just around the corner. In many cities the Google Assistant will suggest providers that have been prescreened by Google and companies like HomeAdvisor and Porch so you can feel confident they’re ready to take on the job. And if you’re in a city that doesn’t have any available guaranteed or screened providers, you’ll still get an answer from the Assistant with other nearby results.

Source Google 

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