Update 10-50-2018: Google has finally added 6 new voices to Google Assistant. You can set them up in Google Assistant settings. Enjoy

Notice: John Legend’s voice will be available later this year

Google Assistant, one of the smartest assistant available nowadays is getting even better. The company has announced during the presentation at #GoogleIO2018 that they aim to introduce support to more languages (right now Google Assistant can speak more than 150 languages) but that’s not all.

Wavenet, computers replacing humans

The assistant will also speak with different voices thanks to the introduction of a new technology called Wavenet. This system is capable of reconstructing the voice from a person with few samples.

Google admitted that in order to make voice more human-like they used real persons, working for months to sample a real voice. This won’t be necessary anymore, or at least, the sampling time will be shorter.

In order to demonstrate how Wavenet works, Google asked John Legend to use his voice to build an incredible set of answers that were used by the assistant.

One thing is certain, Google wants to revolutionize the way we interact with our assistant and our mobile devices. John Legend’s voice is going to be part of the selections of voices of Google Assistant later tomorrow.

Source CBC, Google

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