After announcing the HTC 10, HTC introduces a new series of smartphones distinguished by the S line, but more simply is a variant of the M9′ phone which suffer over heating caused from Snapdragon 810.

htc-one-s9-pdp-sound_8 htc-one-s9-google_7 htc-one-s9-selfie_5

HTC has recently announced that many of its stores all around the world have been closed because of the crisis that the company is suffering since the end of 2015. The position assumed by HTC is now different, at least after the unveiling of the new HTC 10, one of the best devices available right now that has incredible specs.

HTC S9 is a simple revision of the M9 made for users who wants to get a solid product, powerful and great in every single aspect. That’s why this phone is built whith a simple hardware that includes the Helio X10 processor (octa core up to 2Ghz), 2GB of Ram, a 13 Megapixel camera whith OIS and finally a 2840mAh battery.

The price isn’t official but rumors say that this device will be available at a price set to 500€ but the availability is the real problem right now: infact we don’t know if the S9 will be available outside Europe.

Stay tuned!

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