The real technology is sometimes behind what you don’t expect, this philosophy is the main point to achieve when you are talking about innovation. What we learn from HDroid is to not take anything for granted and explain all we know in the better way.

Emovit is a new technology that is growing between developers and researchers all around the world, so check it out and see what emovit mean and what is this amazing project.

The Emovit StartUp is born in the early 2013 and it grew in the following months with revolutionary funding and projects which are related to the EEG brain scanning.


What is EEG?

Classic EEG

EEG is the synonym of electroencephalogram, a word that is used to talk about a test that you can do in your life or probably you have already done. It consist of scanning brain’s waves to inspect how your brain is working and which parts of it are currently active or inactive.

This test is really useful in medicine to diagnose problems or understanding better the structure of the brain.
Emotiv is a project that tries to make use of your brain waves to do difficult tasks, difficult because it has to interpret what you are thinking about and do actions.

Epoc +

To get this achievement Emotiv developed an SDK that uses these sensors to move a cube inside a virtual space.
The right motivation for such decision is behind the brain structure of users. Everyone has a different brain structure and is difficult to read waves coming from it, so the solution is pretty straightforward.

Emotiv Insight, the wearable neural waves scanner

All you need to do is to think a virtual reality where you imagine to move a cube inside this virtual space by pushing, rotating, and applying some other controls to manage a large series of devices like your home lights, rc helicopters and steering servos to achieve different results.

Just thinking to the applications of this technology is clear that the possibilities are almost unlimited and the entity of things you can do with this goes far beyond what we are used to see. Consider a person with physical disabilities, with a product like this you can rehabilitate and make self-sufficient somehone who has difficulties.

There is no doubt that this is the future, you just have to develop the technology and be confident. In the next few years we will see much better applications for these type of technological devices.

The main point of this technology is difficult to understand, we’d like you so see this impressive video:

There are lots of thing to say about emotiv, we will return back on this argument very soon maybe with other surprises.

Stay tuned!

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