Qualcomm Clear Sight is a new technology that will be available for future high-end smartphones and it’s currently developed only for Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 821.

This technology will be applied in the rear of the camera promising a visible revolution next top smartphones with a wide range of shots in color and quality.

The Clear Sight technology can simulate the human eyes work so images look sharp and detailed even with the worst ambient light conditions, this is possible through the use of two sensors with the same technical characteristics, for example optics and focal length.

Qualcomm Clear Sight


The main difference concerns the cameras filters: a sensor to receive a color image while a second one, without filters, captures a grayscale image with a three times higher brightness, Qualcomm thus divide the work that the rods and cones play in our retinas between the two sensors;

In fact …

human vision consists of a series of chemical reactions that occur due to the cells “cone” and “rod” within the retina, these are responsible for the transduction of light signals into electrical impulses that are subsequently sent to the brain.

After this introduction we can understand what the functions of these cells:
• The rod is a light-sensitive cell, present mainly in the periphery of the retina, which allows us to see in low light conditions providing a night vision;
• cone instead provides color vision

The technology introduced by Qualcomm using the ISP Qualcomm Spectra image combines data from the color sensor (which mimics the function of the cones) and those coming from the sensor without the filter (which has the task of imitating the function of the rods) thus combining the advantages of a color vision with those in the brightness and contrast of an unfiltered sensor ensures crisp shots and interference free in all lighting conditions.

Image by SlashGear | Gizlogic


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