How often do you do a search for the latest tech on the NET? Often? Rarely or hardly ever?

Can you define yourself a good tech enthusiast?

Nowadays, there are tons of new tech gadgets and very often becomes difficult to give them the right importance, this happens because the market is becoming more and more saturated, here is an example:


If you like to buy new smartphones and follow the newest models’ announcements from the web, almost certainly you are losing interest. It becomes really simple to find that this new smartphone doesn’t represent for you a valid reason to upgrade… Oh No! It’s still the same smartphone!


How about new inventions? Have you ever heard about anything like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?

According to research these are the most interesting subjects for the end of 2016. It’s difficult to find good news to read and maybe these subjects are still ‘half-backed’ at this time.

Let’s give you another interesting example. You are reading this article on a website that is new and you don’t know what to expect… you feel it unreliable and you don’t know if you will return back to read latest interesting news. This is the new mentality, read content and leave no trace of ourselves (we’ll discuss that later).

The truth is that, technology appliances are everywhere and sometimes it’s difficult if not impossible to give the right importance to what you follow.

priorities to tech lifeThe key is: learn to moderate your priorities


There are lots of ways to fight our tech addiction, but sometimes is difficult to reach an acceptable level of satisfaction because we are curious and we can’t wait!

Technology is a great instrument to simplify our life, it needs the cooperation of all users to improve and it’s almost fundamental today.

If your are looking for a possible solution, you are in the right place, so please continue to read this article.

Tech tips that helps you to simplify your life

5 tips to simplify you tech life

1) Be the author of tech evolution not the viewer only

You really love tech right as I love it. You also know that you can turn your interest to build something helpful to the world and you have the right skills to accomplish your ideas.

Yes, I know that will be difficult and almost surely you’ll fail many times before reaching the success.

Be confident on your skills! Always remember that you can do it only if you believe it

2) Develop your self-control over attractive marketing strategies

How many times I risked being captured from something interesting that was always done with intensive marketing strategies like advertisements or promotions.

What you need to understand, it doesn’t hurt to repeat, today more than ever, in the tech world you are the consumer.


3) Calibrate your sense of duty towards technology

You are always online posting on social networks images about yourself, messages and ideas, and that’s what keeps you engaged.

After few months you can already feel that this isn’t what makes you enthusiast, so in the meantime you lose interest on tech.

The problem isn’t tech but the idea of the world you created for yourself. It’s pretty common to see young boys, posting on social networks, wasting their time publishing something useless. Do you remember the first point? You are the only one who can decide what are priorities.


4) Learn to understand what are the reliable resources on the web

With this advice I’m not going to teach you what to read and what not, I’m simply alerting you that not all what is offered to you is valid. You have to pay attention because the web can be used with two purposes: to help and do good things or to fool people.

Remember that we are authors of this world of scientific discoveries, it’s full of good things. We built the biggest system of the twentieth century but you have to consider that it’s a tool, not a reason of life.


5) Stop blame the technological evolution

It’s not difficult to meet people, ready to blame everything because the technology ruined the world.

Technology is bad, enslaves us and much more. This isn’t true at least if you let technology helps you in the right way.

Everything if used in the wrong way can ruin our lives, think for example to nuclear weapons.


There could be a longer list, these five points are simple advice in order to help you considering technology as a source of something amazing.

I haven’t written this tips to tell you what to do or not, please not get me wrong.

If you are really conscious of this points then you won’t ever have problem with tech.

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